About us

The company was born out of a biosciences background specialising in the production of high value natural extracts from plants and algae.

Based in the Wye Valley on the edge of the Forest of Dean, our natural environment has always informed the work we do.

Head Candy Vape Tonics were born out of Head Candy lozenges, which help people quit smoking naturally. Like our lozenges, our vape tonics incorporate naturally occurring alkylamides designed to combat nicotine addiction.

So how does it work? The naturally occurring alkylamides work on two levels, the physical and chemical. They stimulate a light in-mouth tingling sensation commonly associated with smoking, this physical sensation also helps to suppress immediate cravings. Chemically, they interact with Potassium channels associated with the reduction of headaches, migraines and inflammatory pain and down regulate neural activity, an effect associated with feelings of calm and relaxation. For more information see www.headcandysweets.com

What’s the point of all this without delicious tasting eliquids? There is none. So, drawing on our natural environment, we have created a range of vape tonics whos’ complex flavours take you on a journey of your imagination. To transport you to a memory fondly remembered or future of your making. So you can enjoy a great range of flavours while reducing your reliance on nicotine.